High Temperatures and Thunderstorms: Weather Outlook for Friday

High Temperatures and Thunderstorms: Weather Outlook for Friday

As the weekend approaches, South Africa is in for a dynamic weather pattern, with high temperatures dominating various regions while thunderstorms threaten others. The South African Weather Service has issued warnings for severe weather conditions across several provinces, urging residents to stay informed and prepared.

Impact-Based Warnings:

In parts of Free State, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and KwaZulu-Natal, severe thunderstorms are forecasted, bringing with them heavy downpours, strong damaging winds, hail, and excessive lightning. These conditions pose risks such as flooding of roads and low-lying areas, structural damage to homes and other infrastructure, as well as the potential for fallen trees blocking major roads. Service disruptions due to power surges are also anticipated in specific areas.

Fired Anger Warnings:

Meanwhile, extremely high fire danger conditions are expected in regions including the central and eastern parts of the Northern Cape, the extreme southwestern parts of the North West, the southwestern parts of the Free State, and the northwestern parts of the Eastern Cape. Residents in these areas are advised to exercise caution to prevent the outbreak and spread of fires.

Regional Weather Outlook:

Gauteng: Cloudy conditions are predicted in the morning, followed by partly cloudy skies and warm temperatures with scattered showers and thundershowers throughout the day. Residents should be aware of potential weather fluctuations and plan their activities accordingly.

Mpumalanga: Morning fog patches along the escarpment will give way to partly cloudy and warm weather, with isolated showers and thundershowers expected. While most areas will experience scattered rainfall, the Lowveld may see fewer instances of precipitation.

Limpopo: Similar to Mpumalanga, Limpopo will start with morning fog patches along the escarpment before transitioning to partly cloudy and warm to hot conditions. Isolated showers and thundershowers are forecasted, with a higher concentration expected in the southwest.

North West: Cloudy conditions in the east will clear to partly cloudy skies with hot to very hot temperatures. Isolated showers and thundershowers are anticipated, particularly in the eastern regions.

Free State: Partly cloudy and warm to hot weather is expected, accompanied by isolated showers and thundershowers, mainly in the eastern areas of the province.

Northern Cape: The eastern parts of the Northern Cape will experience partly cloudy and warm conditions, with isolated showers and thundershowers. Meanwhile, the western interior will see fine weather, with temperatures reaching very hot levels in some areas.

Western Cape: Morning rain is forecasted in the extreme southwestern parts, while the rest of the region will experience partly cloudy and cool to warm conditions. Rainfall is expected along the south coast in the evening, with the UVB sunburn index reaching extreme levels.

Eastern Cape: The western half of the Eastern Cape will see warm temperatures inland and partly cloudy conditions, while coastal areas will experience cooler temperatures with cloudy skies. In the eastern half, fine and warm weather is expected north of the escarpment, while light rain is possible in other areas.

KwaZulu-Natal: Morning fog may occur in inland areas, followed by partly cloudy and warm conditions. Cloud cover will increase in the afternoon, leading to scattered showers and thundershowers, primarily in the northeast.


As South Africa braces for varied weather conditions on Friday, residents need to stay informed about local forecasts and heed any warnings issued by the authorities. Whether preparing for high temperatures or potential thunderstorms, being proactive and taking necessary precautions can help ensure safety and minimize disruptions.

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